Introducing our new amazing underwater experience for youngster’s, book a Scuba Party today with In2Diving…

On The Day:

The day starts at 1pm and ends roughly at 6pm, During the afternoon the group will learn the basics of Scuba, and have a full briefing of their dive in the afternoon. During their time underwater, there will be numerous fun activities to enjoy!!

An underwater camera is provided for the party to take photos of each other* We will also take photos underwater and on pool side for no additional cost! (Subject to consent forms being signed)

Every participant will leave the session with a certificate!

Breakdown Of The Day:

1.00pm – Group arrive to try on Scuba kit for size
2.00pm – Time for food!
3.00pm – Videos, paperwork and briefing
4.15pm – Make your way to Eckington Pool
4.30pm – Be ready to enter the pool
4.30 – 6.00pm – Fun and Games underwater!
OPTIONAL – There is a viewing balcony above where adults can sit and watch (or prepare the cake and their best singing voices to sing Happy Birthday!)

The Important Bits:

  • Minimum age: 8 Years Old
  • Prerequisites: Must be able to swim
  • Pool / Confined session: 1
  • Open Water Session: 0
  • Maximum Training Depth: 3 Meters

All Party members must sign up to the MySSI App before party date. Parties must have a minimum of 4 people to a maximum of 8 people.

Participants need to bring with them a swimming costume, a towel and a spare t-shirt to wear in the pool.

At least one responsible adult per 4 guests are required to stay for the duration of the party.

Medical forms to be taken and completed before booking, any medical conditions that are shown on completed forms require a doctor to sign a form stating they are able to dive.*

Participants will be asked to swim a length of the pool and perform two basic tasks underwater, this will involve Regulator removal, retrieval and Mask clearing.

A photo permission form will need to be signed for all participants, if you prefer your child to not be on any photos they will be easily identified by the photographer by a colored band on their cylinder.

Party Options:

We have a few options you can choose from for your party! Please see below and let the store know as soon as possible which option you would prefer!

Dolphin Party Package

  • All the fun of an underwater experience
  • Hot / Cold refreshments
  • Selection of biscuits

Shark Party Package

  • All the fun of an underwater experience
  • Party food*
  • Hot / Cold refreshments

Whale Party Package

  • All the fun of an underwater experience
  • BBQ
  • Party food**
  • Hot / Cold refreshments

*Please Note: None of the above packages include a cake, so make sure to bring your own!

Check Out The MYSSI APP:

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To continue with your training, click the image to your right and sign up for the complete program, make sure to associate yourself with our dive center. You can download the material directly to your smart device for unlimited access, even without an internet connection.